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Get Outta My Way - Review of Kylie Minogue's Performance on America's Got Talent

Aug 26th, 2010

America's Got TalentKylie Minogue was on America's Got Talent last night singing her 2nd single from "Aphrodite" last night titled "Get Outta My Way". First off, I have to say I really like the song and am glad it's a single. The remixes sound great. It's a great single and has mass commercial appeal.

Kylie looked hot at her first US performance of her songs on Aphrodite and her look paid homage to her US "Locomotion/I Should Be So Lucky" days.

The music video collage that played in the background was awesome. I imagine a lot of people in the United States will be querying YouTube today to watch her videos and get reacquainted with Kylie's career.

My problem with the performance, and I've said this before is simply this: she can't sing the entire song live. (Watch video of the performance). She's performed the song live on a variety of show's over the last month and it's the same on all of the shows. While that may be okay in Europe, it's not gonna fly in the United States if she's trying to establish herself as a serious pop act.

We all know Americans are brutal with artists who lip-sync (Britney Spears, anyone?) I'm a big Britney fan, for the record. Kylie's spent her entire career battling people who have accused her of lip-synching so I don't know why she would sing a song live that she can't even keep up with.

Get Outta My Way (click here to listen) is such a great track, why not re-edit it and slow the chorus down a tad so Kylie can sing the entire song?

The last problem is, Astralwerks had to of paid a fortune for Kylie to appear on America's Got Talent in an effort to what? To promote "Aphrodite" and "Get Outta My Way". What good does promoting the album in the States do if you can't even find the album in US stores? I went to Target, 2 different Best Buy locations, and Fred Meyer and NONE of them had Aphrodite... and its not that they were sold out- they were not stocking it PERIOD. My local Wal-Mart had 1 copy, and a Wal-Mart 40 minutes away had 2 copies. I bought all three for friends as I downloaded mine on iTunes but if I had this much trouble finding a copy of Aphrodite, how is the A.D.D. general public who has short-term memory loss ever going to find it- unless they go online? It seems counterproductive to promote an album you cant even find in stores.

Click Here to read my full album review of Aphrodite. Buy/Listen on iTunes. Buy/Listen on Amazon.com

Get Outta My Way - The Official Music Video

The video for Kylie's GET OUTTA MY WAY is online! Whoo hoo! It's way way wayyyy better than the video for All The Lovers! The choreographed dance moves with the chairs... wow! Now I'm not sure which Kylie I like best... leotard disco Kylie, golden Goddess Kylie or Red Dominatrix Kylie... decisions decisions.

...Watch it by clicking the YouTube link below and help me decide!!



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