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Reimagining Kylie Minogue's Unreleased "City Games" Album

Jun 21st, 2012

Reimagining Kylie Minogue's Unreleased "City Games" Album

City Games was a fake track listing for Kylie's third album with Parlophone which eventually became "Body Language".

The fake "City Games" track list was 'leaked' onto the web before the official Body Language announcement. Not only did it have full writing credits for all of the tracks, but contained three tracks that have since been released and even had a full track-by-track review written by someone.

Whether there was some truth in the rumored album is uncertain. It is clear that most of the songs listed are not registered with ASCAP or BMI music publishing companies and therefore are unlikely to be real songs.

The fake track listing was as follows:

Slow (Kylie Minogue/Emiliana Torrini/Mr Dan)
Produced by Emiliana Torrini and Mr Dan
(Lead single from "Body Language")

City Games (Kylie Minogue/Richard Stannard/Julian Gallagher/Dave Morgan/Karen Poole)
Produced by Richard 'Biff' Stannard & Julian Gallagher
(Released as a b-side to "Chocolate")

You Make Me Feel (Kylie Minogue/Tommy D/Marius DeVries/Felix Howard)
Produced by Tommy D & Marius DeVries
(Bonus track to US release of "Body Language")

Unconfirmed / Unreleased / Fake songs

E-Z St (Pharrell Williams/Chad Hugo/Stevie Wonder)
Produced by Pharrell Williams

In The Dark (Kylie Minogue/Emiliana Torrini/Dan Carey)
Produced by Emiliana Torrini and Mr Dan

How Can You Say No? (Kylie Minogue/Dannii Minogue/Kurtis Mantronik)
Produced by Kurtis Mantronik

Second Thoughts (Tommy D/Marius DeVries)
Produced by Tommy D & Marius DeVries

Heavy Handed (Kylie Minogue/Cathy Dennis/Kurtis Mantronik)
Produced by Kurtis Mantronik

Fly (Kylie Minogue/Kurtis Mantronik/Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson)
Produced by Kurtis Mantronik

Attention Seeker (Kylie Minogue/Richard Stannard/Julian Gallagher/Dave Morgan)
Produced by Richard 'Biff' Stannard & Julian Gallagher

That Certain Something (Chris Braide)
Produced by Emiliana Torrini and Mr Dan

Beat U (Kylie Minogue/Pharrell Williams)
Produced by Pharrell Williams

Based on what I have heard, here’s my “dream” City Games album if I were in charge at the record label:

1. City Games
2. Boombox (Lead Single)
2. I'm Just Here For The Music (Single 2)
3. My Image Unlimited
4. Red Blooded Woman (Single 3)
5. Secret (Take You Home)
6. On The Up (Possible Final Single)
7. Obsession
8. Still Standing
9. Promises
10. Slo Motion
11. So High
12. Trippin' Me Up

B-Side Single 1 : Sometime Samurai
B-Side Single 2 : Almost A Lover, Sweet Music
B-Side Single 3 : Slo Motion

Notice how my lead singles all closely follow that of Fever... which are on par with what the public fan-base was expecting from her. I left off a lot of the mundane, slow, unmemorable songs such as Slow, Someday, Loving Days, I Feel For You. Those were experimental and not commercial-sounding to me. I would have put some of the more commercial sounding, edgier songs as b-sides to my singles. I really should have a job at a label. lol I could have avoided the entire Body Language flop.

Songs I left off:

Soul on Fire
Cruise Control
You Make Me Feel
I Feel For You
Loving Days
After Dark

The "Body Language" album was a complete mess in my opinion and the whole “perfect blend of croquet and rock n roll” as Kylie said at a press conference when describing Body Language is complete BS.

The album's sound reminds me more of Alice in Wonderland than rock n roll or croquet. Compare one of the album's prom photos with the official album cover and after listening to the album, tell me which one you think is the better fit.

When I first saw this promo picture from Body Language I thought it summed up the sound of the album, but the whole imitating Bridget Bardot thing was nonsense. Kylie Minogue channeling someone else??? That doesn’t make sense. I think that’s part of the reason the album didn’t go anywhere.

My favorite songs on the official Body Language album are Still Standing, Secret (Take You Home), Obsession, and Sweet Music. Red Blooded Woman isnt too bad and neither is After Dark- but it’s a huge step backwards musically when compared to Light Years and Fever.

I think the album would have sold better if she had ditched the Bridget Bardot thing and had gone more in the direction of that Alice-like photo...
the songs on Body Language remind me more of an Alice in Wonderland experience. The cover of Body Language doesn’t even look like Kylie.

I was actually excited when it was reported the album was gonna be called City Games, which ended becoming a b-side to Chocolate... Boombox was recorded for Body Language... that said – Parlophone and Kylie had no clear direction for the album... and left off one of her best songs ever... and the fans let her know how much they loved Boombox, partially why it was added to the remix album. Boombox would have been the best 1st single release choice since Cant Get You Outta My Head and they totally missed the boat.

As it is, I’m pretty certain the only reason the "Slow" (Kylie's 1st single from Body Language) charted well the first week or two was because Parlophone diverted promo money from promotion to buying copies of the album so that it would chart (an insider tactic used by labels) – because it would have been an embarrassment to them AND Kylie if the album came out and didn’t chart after the massive success of Fever.

Mainstream listeners (not hardcore fans) were less than thrilled with Slow. I was less than thrilled with Slow... it’s boooorrrrring. But the version on the X Tour was really really good – I will admit that!!

Why do Artists just suddenly change their music when they’re on a winning streak? Shouldn’t you milk it for what its worth BEFORE changing your formula? Seriously – the whole world bought FEVER, saw Kylie's shows, etc – isn't that a big thumbs up – this is what we want from you Kylie?? So wouldn’t you do something very close / similar the next time around since that’s what everyone wants??? And she puts out Body Language? Seriously?

We went from one end of awesome all the way to the toilet. Body Language gets a C- in my book but Fever gets an A+++.
I don’t understand why she didn’t give her fans what they wanted.

Body Language on Amazon or iTunes  //  Fever on Amazon or iTunes


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